At Harrison Valley Farms

We are always pleased to share our love of farming with you. The desire to provide you with beef and lamb of consistently high quality has been the focus of our company from the beginning. For us, this means producing beef and lamb that is safe for your family, as well as naturally flavored and tender.

Did you know? Our Beef & Lamb are all pasture-raised and grass-fed!

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From a repeat customer who is very happy with Harrison Valley Farms beef. I, and a group of families, have been getting together and placing orders from Kim, at Harrison Valley Farms, since spring, 2008. I found this family run operation via a web search, while looking for independently owned, primarily/entirely grass fed beef that I could purchase direct from the farmer. We love the quality of the beef, the quality of the processing/packaging, and Kim is very easy and patient to work with (a group of people is much more disorganized than almost any individual). Every year, they have gotten closer to both their and my goal of entirely grass fed animals. I highly recommend purchasing through Harrison Valley Farms. If you cannot, please find a similar farm near your house to support. This is a win for all: the farmer gets more per pound than if they wholesale; the processor gets additional work; the customer pays less per pound for a MUCH better product. The other perks: the animals are treated humanely; the large corporate “farms” are not getting your money.

Charlie Meyers Eureka, Missouri May 23, 2017