Meet Benny, our Polled Hereford bull

Meet Benson, or more affectionately, Benny, our Polled Hereford herd bull.  He’s pictured here with a pasture companion in one of our valley fields along Big Cedar Creek.  We bought Benny from Gary Seifert of Morrison, Missouri.  Gary had bought Benny back from a customer that could no longer maintain a cattle herd.  The original purchaser, a lady, had treated Benny as a pet…..I like friendly bulls, but a 2,000 lb. pet?  That is a little scary.  When we first brought him home, he acted a lot like the elephant in the movie, Tarzaan, called Shep.  Shep, was the ape that took care of Tarzaan’s pet that acted like a big dog chasing sticks and picking them up with his trunk.  Shep would crash over anything to get the stick the ape had thrown.  Well…..Benny was a little like that too.  We like our bulls to follow us calmly when we lead them with a bucket of grain to where we need them to be–in the trailer or maybe a new grazing lot.  Well, Benny, jumped, snorted and kicked up his heels when he followed you.  I watched over my shoulder a lot as we handled him and worked on teaching him to calm down and stay back.  Hey, people break….and one affectionate nudge of the head could send you against a fence or gate.  He has mellowed quite a bit and can even be pastured with some of my rams now.  He used to chase the rams around the pasture and bellow at them.  Now, you can see he is content to be with his pasture buddy.  When he’s with the girls, we call him “Benny and his Jets!”

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