Adopted Hereford Calf

Polled Hereford cows are great moms!  The cow in this picture lost a set of twin calves due to difficult births.  We had another cow that had recently had a healthy set of twins and as usual, one of the twins was very agressive and one was a little shy.  Guess who was getting most of mom’s milk?  So, we decided to see if the cow that had lost her twins would adopt the shy calf.  Getting a cow to adopt another calf can be a little tricky.  Sometimes the calf has to be very determined to nurse his or her new mom.  She might keep walking while the new calf is trying to nurse or actually push the calf away.  Well, this cow excepted her new calf on day 2!  We knew it was going to be a perfect match when she let her new calf nurse on one side, walk around and nurse on the other side with out moving a step. The cow licks her new calf now and quietly mooes to him when she wants to know where he is.  Happy days are ahead for both of them.

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