Humpty, Dumpty Had a Fall

Humpty Dumpty was riding a horse.  When it bucked, he fell of of course!  The moment you get launched off a horse and hit the ground is a combination of surprise, humbleness, anger, pain and okay, comedy.  Surprise because it is never really expected.  Humbleness because even the best trained horse can spook, side step and unseat you.  Anger because it is irritating to know you’re getting ready to hit the ground.  Pain when you do hit.  And, I have to admit falling off can look pretty comical even if ends up being a serious incident.  My mustang filly, Mariah, bucked me off Sunday.  Glad I got that over because the last time I was bucked off was about 3 years ago and it REALLY, REALLY hurt.  Months and $ spent with the chiropractor later, I’ve had this fear of what would happen the next time I fall off.  Will I break?  How much will it hurt?  So, when I asked Mariah to canter on Sunday at a training barn I ride at each Sunday she felt pretty frisky and started bucking.  I was trying out a new mecate bridle and reins, which I am not used to at all and by the time I shortened the reins to pull her head up, she had launched me into the air.  Lucky for me, the arena footing was sand.  I landed on the same side that I had hurt last time and it stung pretty badly, but as I lay there I had to start laughing.  I was okay.  I got up, brushed off my ego, rubbed my leg a little and got back on.

Here is Mariah.  Pretty.  Pretty stubborn.  She had just been hosed off after a training session in this picture.  We’re headed to the Australian trainer, Clinton Anderson’s, training ranch in Texas this November so I’ve been spending a lot of time training Mariah.  Apparantly, we have a long way to go to get ready.  I just don’t want to have the most untrained horse at the clinic.  Somehow in clinics like this, whether it is with my horse or a herding dog, I always end up being the comical relief.  We’ll see if this is true to course in November.  At least I know now bumbles bounce!

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