Meet Balou, my storm dog!

Meet Balou, my storm dog!  Last week you met Bella.  Balou is the exact opposite of Bella.  Remember the bear from the Disney movie, The Jungle Book”? Well, Balou is like that.  Not much bothers him.  He is steady and sure of himself and will help me move sheep in all kinds of weather.  Our sheep need to graze every day possible because we’re a forge-based system.  Now, if it is super bad weather in the morning or if I know a blizzard is brewing, I will keep my sheep up in their night lot and feed them lots of hay so they have something to eat and something to burrow in for warmth.  But for most days they go out to pasture.  And, sometimes the weather is unpredictable and what starts as a beautiful day ends in stormy weather.  Bella does not work in storms.  Balou does.  He will run through pouring down rain, mud and snow to do his job and he loves doing it.  I’ll be soaked because my rain coat stopped working and have water in my boots after the sheep have been herded into their night lot or out to pasture and Balou is right by my side with tail wagging asking, “What is next.” Every shepherd needs a dog like this!

Balou is a rescue success story!  He and 2 of his liter mates were rescued by a good friend of mine, Sharon Yildiz, about 5 years ago.  One border collie became an ace agility dog, Sharon’s became a champion herding dog and then there was Balou.  Balou’s early years were plagued with seizures.  After taking him to the University of Missouri-Columbia’s Veterinary Hospital and determining nothing was really wrong neuroligically with him, I was determined to get to the root of the seizures that left him completely depleated mentally and physically for a long time.  So, I sought Dr. Ava Frick’s help.  Dr. Frick lives and works in the St. Louis, MO, area.  Her clinics are called Dr. Frick’s Pet Rehab & Pain Clinic, in Chesterfield, and The Animal Fitness Center, in Union, MO.  By using a fur analysis and her holistic diagnostic skills, she was able to determine critical minerals and other supplements that would help Balou’s nervous and digestive systems work better.  It really is amazing how she helped Balou.  Balou has been seizure-free (knock on wood) for almost 2 years now.  His past seizures have left him a little slow mentally and sometimes he gets confused, but he is one happy dog! He loves everybody and especially likes to lie down next to baby lambs.  Balou is a great part of my herding team.

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