Have You Ever Seen A Jackobee?

Meet Copper and Todd!  They’re Jackobees!  Now, you’ve seen one!  A Jackobee is a cross between a Jack Russell Terrier and a Beagle.  Copper and Todd found me.  I was driving down our gravel road one day this June, headed home and saw a tiny dog bouncing around in one of our cattle fields.  It looked like a puppy, so I stopped the truck, got out, knelt down and called to the puppy.  This female puppy, now called Copper, can running up to me–really skinny and covered with ticks.  She let me pick her up and started licking my hand.  So sweet!  As I was putting her into the truck, something brushed my leg.  There was another tiny puppy pawing my boot.  He is now Todd (on the right in the photo).  These puppies couldn’t have been more than a month old and someone had already dumped them on the road to fend for themselves.  That is one of the hardest things you come across living in the country–abandoned dogs.  Some very, very old and some way too young to face this kind of treatment.  Well, I pick these dogs up and take care of them.  That is what country folks do.  So, Copper and Todd now enjoy running around, or I should say running away from my border collies.  It is fun to watch because beagles and terriers are extremely fast and know to run in circles.  Well, border collies are fast too and want to herd anything and everything.  Two Jackobees and four border collies all placing chase or herding or whatever game they call it is super fun to watch.  They do this every morning!  Copper and Todd do need to find forever homes, so if you know anyone that loves Jackobees, will take both of them AND give them a fabulous home with tons of attention, let me know.  In the meantime, they’re romping with the sheep dogs!

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