What do DiGiorno and dairy cows have in common?

DiGiorno, top-selling pizza-maker owned by Nestle, USA, knows how it wants the dairy cows treated that make the cheese for their pizzas!  Hooray for them for telling their cheese supplier Foremost Farms, not to purchase milk from the Wisconsin dairy farm, Wiese Brothers Farm, due to a disturbing video taken of two employees mistreating weakened cows.  The Wiese Brothers Farm owns 5,000 dairy cows and that is a lot to keep track of, but humane procedures should be in place to handle cows that need special handling care due to sickness or injury.  Dairy and other livestock producers that treat their animals humanely should take every occassion to tell their story to the public and big businesses like Nestle, USA.  Yes, working with livestock is physically demanding and can sometimes be frustrating, but that is no reason to mistreat an animal.  Handling equipment, care treatment areas, farm staff and veterinarian contact procedures should all be in place and ready to use and contact when special needs arise.  These plans should be written down, discussed and even practiced.  The dairy and livestock industries do not need this kind of negative publicity.  It hurts everyone in the food industry.  Thanks to DiGiorno for being firm on their action.

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