If Lady Gaga Can Wear Food, So Can Ewe

If Lady Gaga can wear a meat dress, then a ewe can wear her food too!  This ewe, Baby Ruth, really enjoyed her mineral supplement this morning!  She liked it so much that she rolled her face all over the top of the mineral tub.  Maybe it moisturizes too….We feed our sheep a special mineral supplement that has all natural ingredients in it, including a naturally-occurring ionophore.  What is an ionophore?  In layperson’s terms it is an organism that encourages the breakdown of fiber (grass and hay) in a sheep or cattle’s rumen or stomach.  Livestock break fiber down most effectively from the inside out of the fiber structure.  The ionophore starts the process, making the job the sheep or cattle’s rumen does much easier.  So, they get more nutrients from the winter grass and hay.  More nutrients means a healthier and happier animal.  Last week I blogged on our safe meat, well ionophores play a part in this process too.  Healthy happy animals ward of sickness and parasites much better.  Baby Ruth is a pregnant 4-year-old purebred Katahdin Hair Sheep ewe.  Each year, I name my ewes and the rams I keep based on a theme.  She was from the year of candy.  She is due to lamb in April and usually gives us two beautiful lambs.  Her twin sister is a part of the flock too.  Care to guess what her name is….okay, Mounds.  After I took this picture, several ewes came over to lick Baby Ruth’s face clean.  Maybe she’ll be back to her solid white look this evening…but then again, maybe not.

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