A Quick Look at Harrison Valley Farms

Our livestock management practices are safe!

You can trust our meat products. We only sell beef and lamb that is born and raised on one of our farms or the farm of a very select group of farmers that agree to raise their livestock in the same safe and sustainable manner that we do. We never use feed containing animal by-products of any kind. Our cattle and sheep are only transported short distances for processing. Meat experts agree that beef and lamb tastes better from cattle and sheep that are not stressed by weather, hunger or traveling long distances.

We are committed to gentle handling!

We’ve chosen cattle and sheep breeds that are gratifying to handle. Gentle and manageable during calving and lambing, weaning, pasture rotation and transporting—our cattle and sheep live as stress-free lives as possible. This has a definite and positive impact on the quality and flavor of the beef and lamb meat we sell.

South Poll Grass Cattle cow and calf thrive on Missouri pastures

A Grass-Fed Meat Program

To produce perfect steaks and other fine meat cuts, our cattle and sheep are grass-fed their entire lives. We do not use beta agonists, medicated ionophores, or additional hormones—simply, these are not needed in our program. Our cattle and sheep have easy access to clean water and plentiful high-quality forage.

We use Missouri pastures!

Feeding livestock is a craft—a combination of art and science. Good, green grass is the natural and best way to feed cattle and sheep. Tender, succulent healthy meat cuts are the result of a well-managed feeding program. We’ve been fine-tuning our sustainable approach to livestock management since 2005 and are confident you will taste the Harrison Valley Farms difference.High performing Katahdin Hair Sheep Rams are a critical part of sheep flock management

We choose South Poll Grass Cattle and Katahdin Hair Sheep!

We’ve selected two breeds developed in the United States specifically bred for producing reliable, high quality, savory meat.  Our South Poll Grass Cattle and Katahdin Hair Sheep thrive in forage-based feeding systems, tolerate hot temperatures and are parasite resistance. This allows them to excel in Missouri weather and on Missouri pastures, even with our big temperature swings, variances in precipitation and abundance of livestock pests that Missouri is so well known for.