Does it taste good?

Does it taste good?  Last Saturday at the Columbia Farmers Market, I asked a new customer that had just purchased 4 of our sirloin steaks what they’d like to know about the meat they’re buying, such as how we raise our beef cattle?  The customer said, “No, but does it taste good?”  This is a […]

Freezing Agriculture’s Footprint

The May issue of the National Geographic magazine has an article titled, “A Five-Step Plan to Feed the World,” by Jonathan Foley.  This article begins an eight month series on the future of food–thoughts, ideas, concerns and facts about how the world’s agriculture industry is going to feed nine billion people by 2050.  This series […]

Orphan lambs meet Grandma Goose

Lambing at Harrison Valley Farms is over.  We have 110 beautiful lambs in two weeks!  15 lambs are orphans for a variety of reasons, such as mom had triplets and should only feed two!  These orphan lambs have spent the first couple of weeks of their life in a special stall in our barn, learning […]

First Lamb of Spring

Meet Twinkles!  She and her brothers were born last night about 11:30 PM and are my first spring lambs!  Twinkles will be a bottle-baby because she is only 3 lbs and can’t reach mom’s milk!  Normally, my new-born lambs weigh between 7 and 10 lbs.  Plus, there are only 2 teats on mom’s udder and […]

Delicious Shepherd’s Pie

A slow cooked and home cooked favorite dinner of mine is Shepherd’s Pie!  It is at its best of course when you use Harrison Valley Farm’s ground lamb.  A very close second is from a local pub in Ireland!  Shepherd’s Pie or Casserole of Mutton originated over 150 years ago in medieval  England where meat […]

If Lady Gaga Can Wear Food, So Can Ewe

If Lady Gaga can wear a meat dress, then a ewe can wear her food too!  This ewe, Baby Ruth, really enjoyed her mineral supplement this morning!  She liked it so much that she rolled her face all over the top of the mineral tub.  Maybe it moisturizes too….We feed our sheep a special mineral […]


Nice kitty….Sheep predators are alive and well in Missouri.  When you buy beef and lamb meat products from Harrison Valley Farms, we hope you’re buying from us for three reasons.  First and foremost, we hope you buy our meat because it is the best beef and lamb you’ve ever tasted.  Second, you have read our […]

What do DiGiorno and dairy cows have in common?

DiGiorno, top-selling pizza-maker owned by Nestle, USA, knows how it wants the dairy cows treated that make the cheese for their pizzas!  Hooray for them for telling their cheese supplier Foremost Farms, not to purchase milk from the Wisconsin dairy farm, Wiese Brothers Farm, due to a disturbing video taken of two employees mistreating weakened […]