Have You Ever Seen A Jackobee?

Meet Copper and Todd!  They’re Jackobees!  Now, you’ve seen one!  A Jackobee is a cross between a Jack Russell Terrier and a Beagle.  Copper and Todd found me.  I was driving down our gravel road one day this June, headed home and saw a tiny dog bouncing around in one of our cattle fields.  It […]

Herd Bulls in the Making

Meet our 2013 herd bull class! In front, we have two South Poll Grass Cattle bulls.  Samson is the solid red and Hank has the white face.  Bringing up the rear, is our Polled Hereford bull calf, Frosty2.  These guys were weaned last Saturday and are in a holding pen for a few days getting used […]

Photo Contest-Win Beef!

Grilling the perfect brat starts with a great product!  You really must try our Swiss Beef Brats–they are awesome!  They are so good and we so want you to try them that we’re running two promotions. (1) Place a beef order with us before 11/1/13 and get a free package of our brats–a $11.99 value […]

Meet Balou, my storm dog!

Meet Balou, my storm dog!  Last week you met Bella.  Balou is the exact opposite of Bella.  Remember the bear from the Disney movie, The Jungle Book”? Well, Balou is like that.  Not much bothers him.  He is steady and sure of himself and will help me move sheep in all kinds of weather.  Our […]

Sheep get health checks too!

Every morning at dawn before my border collie, Bella, herds our sheep out to pasture, I do a health check.  So, what is a sheep health check? My health checks involve looking at each ewe or ram carefully to make sure they don’t have a health issue they’re trying to hide.  Keep in mind sheep […]

Humpty, Dumpty Had a Fall

Humpty Dumpty was riding a horse.  When it bucked, he fell of of course!  The moment you get launched off a horse and hit the ground is a combination of surprise, humbleness, anger, pain and okay, comedy.  Surprise because it is never really expected.  Humbleness because even the best trained horse can spook, side step […]

Meet Bella, one of my border collies

Meet Bella Donna, or Bella, one of my herding border collies!  She is my adrenaline junkie!  Always quick, always moving and fun to watch. I start each morning by doing a health check on my ewes and ewe lambs.  Bella’s job is to herd them into a small herding area where I can check their […]